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When Baby Steps Are Best…

Jumping headfirst into a new habit or endeavor can be exciting and exhilarating.  The desire for change leaves us feeling hopeful and motivated, ready to tackle what’s before us.

Drastic changes, however, can lead to mismatched expectations. You expect to achieve new results fast yet what is required takes multiple steps, efforts and or resources. The reality is different than the expectation which can lead to a failure to follow through causing frustration to the point that it’s easier to stop and not make the change.  Instead of doing a complete overhaul, it’s most advantageous to create baby steps that will guide you to your end goal.

Making incremental changes over time leads to a higher success rate and a simpler time adjusting to your new changes.  You’re much more likely to feel successful when you accomplish each “baby step” along the way, which fuels your confidence in reaching your ultimate goal.  

What’s one big goal you’re hoping to accomplish?  Leave me a comment below, and we’ll break it down into manageable baby steps together.  

Live Life Optimized!

xx- Dr. Melissa

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