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What Produce Lasts the Longest?

I am that person who goes to the store just about every day because when I actually shop for the week, I end up throwing out a ton of food, especially produce.  I got to wondering what produce lasts the longest so I can share it with you and my own family to cut down on what goes in the compost pile and into our bodies.

Here are the picks that lasts far longer than others, rarely spoiling and they’re worth keeping in your weekly grocery rotation.  

1)     Onions
2)     Apples
3)     Potatoes
4)     Winter squash
5)     Garlic
6)     Carrots
7)     Beets
8)     Cabbage
9)     Lemons
10)   Celery

I love apples, pears, garlic is a must and I love celery or carrots with hummus or guacamole for a delicious snack. What are your favorite grocery store grabs?  Share in the comments below.

Live Life Optimized!

xx- Dr. Melissa

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