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We believe that you are meant to look, feel, and live your life optimized! That’s why this site delivers precision health and wellness resources so you can unlock your longevity code to reverse age and more fully express your limitless potential to flourish and thrive! 

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Welcome to the Longevity Life Hub, I’m Dr. Melissa Grill-Petersen, Epigenetic Age Reveral Expert, Author and Founder.  I know that you are limitless!  Written within your DNA is your longevity blueprint waiting to be fully expressed for enhanced states of energy, vitality and thriving.

It’s no longer a question of IF we are able to live longer, we ARE living longer. The real question is, how do YOU want to be living?  If you know that it is completely possible for you to live to at least 120 years of age, what are you ready to discover so you can look, feel and express your full vitality to 120 and beyond?

My team and I work with visionaries like you every day to unlock your longevity code and begin reverse aging today. When you are ready to discover what is possible for you, reach out.

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Dr. Melissa


A Complete Age Reversal Guide To Look and Feel 10 Years Younger Perform At Your Peak And Live Life Optimized!

Joined by more than 20 of today’s top health and wellness leaders, together we share how you can harness the power of your DNA to unlock your code and be ageless. Discover why we age and why we don’t have to. Taking a system-based approach to enhanced thriving, you will discover how all of the pieces to living a long life well fit together precisely for you to experience your limitless life today.

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Discover how to connect the dots to be ageless and live limitless! Get your lifetime pass to the top-rated, Longevity Summit. Learn from more than 60 health optimization, wellness, and longevity leading experts as they share cutting edge age reversal science, technology, and therapies paired with ancient teachings and spiritual wisdom for modern longevity lifestyle solutions to look, feel and live life optimized to 120 and beyond.

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Unlock your longevity code to look, feel and live life optimized. This lab package includes comprehensive labs, over 45 biomarkers, longevity lifestyle and health assessment paired with the most complete lifestyle genetic test and longevity life blueprint available plus 3 one on one clinical sessions with Dr. Melissa and her team.

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Discover how to live better and live longer starting today. This book shares the science of lifespan, healthspan and wellspan from more than 20 of today’s leaders who deliver a step by step path to design your thriving longevity life.

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Access Your Ticket to the Top Virtual Event. 5 Days, Over 60 Leading Experts Sharing the cutting edge age reversal science, technology and therapies paired with ancient teachings and spiritual wisdom for modern longevity lifestyle solutions to be ageless and live limitless!

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